Escape Game A Hidden Room, Noescape. Riga.
Escape Game A Hidden Room, Noescape. Riga.
Escape Game A Hidden Room, Noescape. Riga.

Escape Game A Hidden Room

Players 3—5 players
Age Age restriction 16+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 35—50 € per team

About the game A Hidden Room

The secret of the Dark Demon has been kept by the Order for decades and centuries.The Demon once was captured and locked in a locket created by Great Magians. Later the locket has been stolen by Sinister Forces and as for now, they are eager to set the Demon free.You have to hit the road and start an adventurous jorney to the one of the mystic places to find the locket. You know the location of the Locket – it is the Active Room. Hence, you have to sneak into it, find the Locket and return it to the Keeper, till the moment when it is transferred to the Other Side. As you are travelling to the dark side, the Great Magians will be able to guard you just for one hour and give three hints for the riddles occurring on your way. The Order counts on you! Good luck!

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Address escape game A Hidden Room

Riga, Latvija, Rīga, LV-1012
+371 200 ... Show phone number

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